How to distinguish the quality of the pipe fitting mold?

Published on :2020-05-22

The quality, cost, production cycle, etc. of various pipe fitting products are all affected by the quality of the pipe fitting mold. The pipe fitting mold is a model installed on the injection molding machine to make plastic pipe fitting products. This model is generally formed by processing and grinding special steel. How to distinguish the quality of the pipe fitting mold? How to choose the right pipe fitting mold supplier?

The easiest way to distinguish is to look at the steel material of the mold. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of plastic pipe fitting molds, and the mold steels used are different. The steel materials used by regular professional manufacturers are relatively better. This can be detected by professional instruments.

The quality of the pipe fitting mold depends on the manufacturing process of the pipe fitting mold. Professional mold manufacturers that manufacture plastic pipe fittings can make pipe fitting molds that satisfy customers. The production process mainly depends on the professional level of the equipment and technical personnel of the manufacturer.

The quality of the pipe fitting mold depends on the structure of the pipe fitting mold. The mold structure and mold design really determine the production efficiency, production accuracy, service life, and so on of the pipe fittings. The improvement of mold design must also be premised on the production of high-quality pipe fitting molds.

In addition, the correct use and maintenance of pipe fitting molds is a major factor in improving the quality of pipe fitting molds. When the pipe fitting mold is used correctly, regular maintenance of the mold is required. The guidepost, guide sleeve, and other parts with relative movement of the pipe fitting mold should be filled with lubricating oil frequently, and the surface of the cavity and the core should be cleaned.

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