How to produce reducer fittings?

Published on :2020-10-08

The development of reducer mold and pipe fittings moulding technology is very rapid. High-efficiency, automatic, large, micro, precise, and long-life molds are taking up an increasing proportion of the entire pipe fitting mold industry.

Three necessary conditions for injection molding of reducer pipe fittings:

  • One is that the plastic part must enter the cavity in a molten state;
  • Second, the plastic melt must have sufficient pressure and flow rate to ensure that the entire mold cavity is filled in time;
  • The third is to have a reducer mold that meets the shape and size of the part and meets the requirements of the molding process.

Compared with other molding technologies, the injection molding technology of reducer pipe fittings has its unique advantages, which are manifested in the following aspects:

  • One is that the melting and solidification of the molding material are carried out in the plastic barrel and the mold cavity respectively, which helps to shorten the molding cycle;
  • The second is to lock the mold first and then inject the plastic melt, which has little wear on the mold cavity, so a set of molds can be used to form complex parts in large quantities, with clear surface graphics and markings and high dimensional accuracy products;
  • The third is that all molding operations such as clamping, feeding, plasticizing, injection molding, mold opening and ejection of products in the molding process are automatically completed by the injection molding machine.

In the production of modern reducer pipe fittings, reasonable processing technology, efficient equipment, and advanced molds are three important factors that are indispensable. Yusheng Mould can customize the reducer mold for you, and provide the injection molding machine, molding solutions...

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