How to reduce the production cost of irrigation pipe fitting molds?

Published on :2020-07-10

How to reduce the production cost of irrigation pipe fitting molds? Before the production of pipe fittings, carefully select reasonable irrigation pipe fitting molds, raw material proportioning schemes, etc. The same irrigation fitting mold products use different processing techniques, and the required raw material quality and quantity are different. In the production process of irrigation pipe molds, the raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, power, wages, production costs, administrative fees, etc. are refined into the cost of a single product.

Manufacturers of irrigation pipe fitting molds should reduce the cost of production based on the characteristics of pipe fittings and on the premise of meeting the quality requirements by using improved processing techniques.

Different irrigation fitting mold structures have different requirements for materials. The requirement of mold life directly affects the selection of mold steel. Customers generally require the service life of the mold to be 500,000 times. However, in the production of many varieties and small and medium batches, the service life of the mold is somewhat unreasonable. You can appropriately reduce the mold wall thickness and then reduce the cost.

In the planning of the irrigation pipe fittings mold structure, some structures are redundant. There are many factors that affect the cost of mold making. The actual situation of each enterprise is different, and the requirements for irrigation pipe fittings are also different. Good molds have a high pass rate, less waste, and lower production costs.

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