How to use flared pipe fitting mold correctly?

Published on :2020-06-29

With the rapid development of the flared pipe fitting mold industry, the number of flared pipe fitting mold manufacturers is also growing rapidly. The huge demands of users of flared pipe fittings molds also require operational safety standards for flared pipe fittings molds. So how to use flared pipe fitting mold correctly? On this basis, how to achieve safety standards?

1. It is forbidden for the operator to test or measure the voltage of the DC motor control board and the voltage between the input point of the programmable logic controller and the ground wire when the flared pipe fitting is powered on.

2. After using the expander of the flared pipe mold for a period of time, you must regularly check whether the connecting parts of the machine are loose, and tighten them if necessary.

3. When using the flared pipe fitting mold, if the height of the automatic extruder has not changed, it is strictly forbidden to move or remove the upper and lower limit blocks of the extruder. If you need to replace it, please contact the manufacturer or read the instructions.

4. The turntable of the flared pipe fitting mold should rotate clockwise, and cannot be reversed.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the mold frame of the automatic extruder, that is, under the membrane system components, to pile up any debris.

6. When the expander mold frame starts to work, it is strictly forbidden to stretch the film and reach into other objects, so as not to damage the parts and fingers.

7. Once the power supply of the expander is grounded, if you need technical problems, you must contact the manufacturer to find a professional. The operator must regularly check the electrical connections and clean the electrical cabinet.

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