Interchangeable pipe fitting mold

Published on :2020-05-15

Yusheng Mould is very professional in plastic pipe fitting molds, designing and manufacturing various types of pipe fitting molds, such as 90-degree elbow fittings, 45-degree elbow fittings, T fittings, Y fittings, reducing pipes, sockets, etc. We can produce different sizes of pipe fitting molds with diameters ranging from 32 mm to 400 mm. As far as we know, customers who need to manufacture these different pipe fittings usually need to invest huge amounts of money, so we provide customers with interchangeable pipe fitting molds. In this way, we can use the same mold to produce different types of pipe fittings, which can help customers save a lot of investment costs. But there is one thing to note, when we replace this kind of pipe fitting mold, the technician should be very careful. And the daily maintenance and maintenance of the mold is very important. For example, check and clean the parting surface, check the cooling system and cooling tightness.

If your pipe fitting mold is very complicated, our designers can also design products and molds according to your demand samples. We will use our rich experience to provide you with the best service. Yusheng is the world's professional manufacturer of high-standard pipe fitting molds. We are constantly innovating in-mold structure. Of course, the improvement of mold design is always based on the premise of high-quality pipe fitting molds. In the cooling, core structure, and mold clamping of pipe fitting molds, advanced technology is used to reduce product production time and produce better products. For our molds, we use high-quality steel, such as PVC pipe fitting molds using 1.2316 steel. At the same time, Yusheng also strengthens the surface of the main parts of the pipe fitting mold to improve the wear resistance of the pipe fitting mold surface, thereby improving the quality of the pipe fittings. For surface strengthening, different strengthening methods should be selected according to the pipe fitting molds for different purposes.

Yusheng is a manufacturer of pipe fitting molds, which is good at manufacturing interchangeable pipe fitting molds. If you are looking for a pipe fitting mold company, please contact us.