Pipe fiting mold

Published on :2020-03-27

Yusheng Mould is a large-scale PVC pipe fitting mold manufacturer in China. It produces all kinds of large pipe fitting molds, PE pipe fittings, PVC pipe fitting molds and PVC tee moulds. We have accumulated rich experience in pipe fitting mold design, pipe fitting mold processing and manufacturing experience. After continuous development of technology and quality, we will continue to bring the best molds, best quality and best service to new and old customers.

Yusheng has successfully become a partner of many professional waterway engineering companies, providing them with a full set of PVC drain pipe molds and PP water supply pipe molds every year. Yusheng attaches great importance to the selection of steel materials for pipe fitting molds, mold core pulling structures, mold cooling devices, and product tolerances. We usually recommend to our customers to use steel materials with higher hardness and corrosion resistance. After finishing polishing, we will carry out a surface treatment, which will effectively increase the surface finish of the mold and ensure the service life more effectively.

For the cooling system and cooling effect of the pipe fitting mold, Yusheng will strictly analyze 2-3 times, and deliver the complete product and mold data to the customer. Yusheng has a project department that tracks mold progress and mold processing. Each mold will be controlled by an experienced project engineer, and the key dimensions will be tested and proofread to achieve a perfect assembly.

Yusheng Mould is a professional PVC pipe fitting mold factory. I believe we will make you more at ease and more at ease!

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