UPVC pipe fitting injection molding

Published on :2020-02-07

PVC is a widely used resin, which can be applied to various special environments by adding additives. The raw materials of PVC pipe fittings can be customized, such as improving water resistance or flame resistance from the beginning. In addition, PVC has many advantages, such as excellent chemical resistance and good electrical insulation properties, but there are not many pipe fitting mold companies or factories . The reason is that the molding of UPVC is very difficult.

In the process of PVC pipe forming, it is necessary to make very fine adjustments to the heating temperature, pressure and curing time. Without skilled molding technology, it is easy to affect the performance of PVC pipe fittings. In addition, the gas generated when the PVC raw material is heated will corrode the mold, so the mold must be cleaned and maintained frequently. However, the specially treated mold steel can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and reduce your maintenance costs. At the same time, UPVC molding has higher requirements on the injection molding machine, and a special injection molding machine is required to mold UPVC.

Although it is difficult to mold UPVC, Yusheng is easy to mold. Because in each molding process, Yusheng pays attention to the molding details and the temperature, pressure and other data during molding. For example, during the molding process, fine adjustments are made to polish UPVC molding and skilled craftsmen perform thorough cleaning and maintenance of the mold. Yusheng's UPVC pipe fittings, such as electrical fittings, have been recognized by many customers: "Yusheng can do everything." Yusheng will continue to strive for better molding technology.

As for flame retardant PVC, it is a highly flame retardant polyethylene. Since it is a material with moldability, chemical resistance, heat resistance and flame resistance, it is especially suitable for insulated covered wires. Yusheng's advantage lies not only in the use of materials to manufacture PVC fitting mold, but also in its ability to develop fittings that use environmental characteristics such as temperature and humidity. In fact, Yusheng's PVC pipe fitting molds have been sold all over the world and are widely used in major PVC pipe mold molding lines.