pipe fitting mold manufacturers in China

Published on :2020-11-21

Pipe Fitting Mold

Yusheng Mould manufactures pipe fitting moulds of different materials, including PVC, PPR, PP and other special materials. The different uses of pipe fittings include water supply, drainage, sewage and so on. Different types of pipe fittings, unions, connectors, tees, reducers, bolts, elbows, etc.; as well as valves, flange pipes, brackets, faucets, etc.; are there internal and external threads, whether there are metal inlays or Is there any flaring.

For pipe fitting molds, the design is complicated. Most pipe fitting molds use edge gates in gate selection, which can shorten the molding cycle; for small diameter pipe fittings, latent gates are recommended; for pipes with a diameter of 110mm or more For accessories, large gates are recommended to achieve better material fluidity and filling. The selection of steel material is determined according to the material characteristics of the pipe fittings, 2316 mold steel is used for PVC material, and 718H mold steel is used for PP/PPR material.

Yusheng Mould has accumulated very rich experience in pipe fitting mold design, pipe fitting mold processing and manufacturing experience, from irregular pipe fittings, inner core pulling, arc angle sliding, and motor drive system, from irregular single cavity molds Design, to multi-cavity, simple multi-cavity design, etc. In terms of cooling, core structure and clamping of pipe fitting molds, advanced technology is adopted to reduce product production time, produce better products, and maintain molds in a timely manner and adopt more stable operations. Yusheng Mould has won more orders from foreign customers of plastic pipe fittings, including exports to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and so on.

As a pipe fitting mold manufacturer in China, Yusheng has been focusing on the development and production of PPR, PVC, PE and other plastic pipe fitting molds.