China crate mold manufacturer

Published on :2020-09-10

Yusheng Mould has a wealth of experience in manufacturing crate molds, and provides customers with high-speed molding solutions for different types of crate molds!

When people ask about crate mold, we would recommend them to use a hot runner system. The hot runner system can reduce the mold cycle and improve the fluidity of the resin. The latest crate design has four inclined tops and four side walls have touch-through handles. For this type of crate, we can do one out of two, the molding cycle is 35 seconds, and the fully automatic demolding. This kind of crate mold has four side sliders, the core part has four inclined tops, and the four corners of the cavity have a slider link. There are industrial crate molds among the plastic molds produced by our company. The space-saving rate of the industrial folding crates designed by us is 70% after folding.

Advantages of Yusheng Crate and Mold

  • 1. We use brand-new plastics as the raw materials of the products to ensure the service life and quality of the products.
  • 2. The folding and stacking performance of the product has been analyzed and verified by various simulations.
  • 3. Provide you with a variety of crate sizes and styles, and customers can choose and purchase according to their own requirements.

Yusheng has its own complete production and management system, and has quality control in every production link. Its scope is: from the design structure of plastic crates to the feasibility of mold structure design, from mold raw material procurement to raw material inspection, from raw material processing technology selection to part quality inspection, from part assembly to overall mold inspection, etc. Each step has a corresponding chart to ensure the quality of the mold when it is delivered.