Focus on the development of Pipe fitting mold, and strive to become the industry leader

PVC pipe fitting mold

Yusheng mold has designed a series of PVC pipe fitting molds, including high quality injection molds for irrigation, cable pipes and cold and hot water transportation, as well as CPVC,UPVC fitting mold. Exported around 550 sets PVC pipe fitting molds to America, India, Australia and Europe countries every year.
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PPR pipe fitting mold

PPR pipe fitting mold is the most one of our fitting mold, including with brass or copper insert fitting mold, 45 dgeree & 90 degree elbow, Tee, wye, cross and so on. PPR pipe fitting size range is from 20mm to 160mm. Perfect structure and smoothly cavity, ensure the PPR products forms quickly and the quality is good.
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PP pipe fitting mold

Yusheng focus on pipe fitting mold 15 years, supply all kinds of PP mold, such as collapsible fitting, water supply pipe fitting, drainage pipe fitting mold...Our PP pipe fitting mold has the advantages of fast forming, long life and high precision.
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HDPE pipe fitting mold

China HDPE pipe fitting mold supplier, Yusheng PE pipe fitting mold with excellent performance and long life. Yusheng produce and design various PE pipe fitting mold, including HDPE pipe mold series, TEE PE pipe mold, cross PE pipe mold...etc.
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plastic mold

Plastic mold is a combination of plastic mold for compression, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low-foaming molding. If you are looking for a good China molding manufacturing partner you can go to Yusheng Mould which is a professional plastic mold and plastic molding company that sell molds and molding parts to the world.
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Learn about pipe fitting mold industry information, get high-quality pipe fitting mold prices, and everything about pipe fitting mold.

What is the price of pipe fitting molds?

The complexity, quality, size and other requirements of the mold determine the price.

What materials should we use?

There are nearly 100,000 materials on the market, Yu Sheng will help you choose the right material.

How long does it take to build a pipe fitting mold?

Depending on the complexity and workload of the mold, this time range may be 2 to 12 weeks.